We support you in the choice of carbide grades.


After consultation, we are a service provider for the analysis of the components used by you. With our own measuring equipment, we are able to perform the following tests together for you:

  • electron microscope examination of worn tools and components:
    You will receive an analysis of wear patterns and thus Advice for choosing optimal carbide grades or operating parameters.
  • Analysis of the surface quality of new tools:
    With this service we particularly support the development tool of our customers and can already make qualified statements about the performance of the tool used, and possible optimizations in advance.
  • Chemical analysis of workpieces and materials by means of X-ray fluoroscopic analysis.
  • Determination of mechanical properties of components such as Hardness, bending strength, density or grain size etc.

In addition, with our know-how we offer your appropirate evaluations up to full development consulting.