Our performance – your advantage

G-ELIT offers the largest standard range of rods for tool manufacturing throughout Europe.

Customer-specific special parts are manufactured within a short time according to your specifications in the highest quality and in all possible dimensions, weights, carbide grades etc. Our staff will gladly advise you in finding the optimum component for your specific application. Patented manufacturing processes allow us to produce according to highest quality standards with minimum tolerances.

Our collaboration with various external research institutes ensures that we always have the latest know-how in hard materials and their production. We also benefit by inclusion in the Guhring group by a vast pool of information that we use extensively to develop and improve our products and manufacturing processes.

Our carbide is of the highest reproducible quality. This ensures our own quality testing through constant monitoring and examination with modern test methods. In addition, we are certified according to DIN ISO 9001.

We see ourselves in particular as a service provider, who provides his customers and prospective customers with its expertise in carbide: This ranges from general advice on hard materials up to the simultaneous engineering in  developing customer-specific parts.

Our modern and versatile manufacturing technologies enable us to align the manufacturing process with respect to respective workpiece and its function, so as to achieve optimal results.

As a service we provide for our customers free comparisons of our workpieces with other products, further documentation and recordings with the scanning electron microscope and chemical analysis for a meaningful comparison.