From the powder to the precision tool

Monostatic and isostatic pressing

By using monostatic and isostatic pressing we are able to realise even very large geometries.

Direct pressing

From the powder to the green part: Within seconds punches and dies press parts of different geometries into shape – up to 1500 times per hour.

Near net shape production

Geometries: cylindrical, round, prismatic, bores, chamfers.


Production of the coolant ducts by pressing. Cylindrical, prismatic and other sections. Coolant ducts

  • 1-fold – 5-fold
  • central
  • parallel
  • spiralised

Shaping: turning, milling, sawing

The chalk-like-texture of the green part allows the inserting of complex geometries before the sinter process.

Sintering: Pressure, Temperature, Time, Experience

We are sintering your parts by continuous operation in eight sinter furnaces at temperatures of more than 1300 °C. Our experience of long duration assures the continuity of the Gühring-Quality.

Wire eroding

Die sinking and wire eroding for the reworking.


Quality management as the symbol of our claim: metallography, analysis of the carbide grade, magnetism, density, hardness.


Dimensional check, concentric run-out, ultrasonic sound, coolant ducts, acoustics. The quality of our products is a priority. Each order will be checked. A high degree of automation for more efficiency.


To refine your previously produced blank optionally, we grind it at one of our many grinders.