Development Consulting


Besides the high quality production of carbide blanks and finished carbide components our service concept is firmly anchored in the company philosophy. For this we have experienced development agents, which are able to support customers in their problem solving with help and advice. The aim is to offer our customers for their individual applications the optimal technical carbide product in terms of cost.

The development advice is based on three main pillars, and uses its specialized agencies:


  • Analysis of materials
    Here material analysis (structure, mechanical properties, composition) may be performed from any hard metal material, documented and evaluated professionally. Thereafter we can give you very targeted recommendations for suitable, comparable carbide grades.
  • Use analysis
    Here targeted analysis of used components can be carried out with wear tests, documented and evaluated professionally. Then, a carbide grade recommendation for this application can be given.
  • Construction services
    Geometric manufacturable design for inexpensive product designs. We work with Auto CAD and consider sintered tolerances and HM-specific properties. Geometry deliberations for cutting quality